Go Beyond!






This weekend why not take a trip out to the countryside to visit some of the great Artists Open Houses
in homes just outside the city?

Set off via Rottingdean to look at Casa Latina – #1 Rottingdean and Downs Trail – 9 Little Crescent, Rottingdean   This new house on the AOH circuit features over 20 Peruvian artists celebrating Peruvian art and culture with their rich and varied work: painting, photography, realism, abstract, recycling, installation, digital – so much to see.  The Peruvian Embassy has even been for a visit and have invited the group to take the show to London.

2016-05-15 15.57.20 HDR The Old Forge

Follow the coast road to Newhaven, then take the A26 to the South Heighton Pottery – #1 Newhaven and Ouse Trail, where you can see pots by Chris Lewis, then relax in an amazing garden eating a delicious lunch. Just up the hill at The Old Forge – #2 Newhaven and Ouse Trail in South Heighton, view the beautiful paintings of Tina Balmer and Susan Ashworth, then wander through the wild garden overlooking the downs to look at Christian Funnell’s metal birdbaths shaped like musical instruments and plants – whilst eating Rhoda’s homemade scones.

2016-05-15 16.26.14   2016-05-15 16.27.15   No3

A few miles further North on the A26, at Beddingham, No 3 Cobbe Place – #3 Newhaven and Ouse Trail, is a magical home set in part of a house once owned by Quentin Bell. You can see Lucy Fortnam’s beautiful paintings, including some of her lurcher dog, Ted.

North of Lewes on the A275, take the right turn by the church at Offham and follow the signs for a mile or so, to the extraordinary Hamsey Manor  – #4 Newhaven and Ouse Trail, where paintings by Stephen Pigott and Victora Albuquerque, are shown in the artist’s studio.

2016-05-15 17.14.56   2016-05-15 17.20.32 The Handmade House

Then drive back through Ditchling, where there is a trail of 14 wonderful open houses. Having viewed Brian Denyer-Baker’s etchings of local landscape, with a cup of tea in the garden of Ditchling’s lovely Kennel Cottage – #12 Ditchling Trail. Finally, why not finish your day out at The Handmade House – #13 Ditchling Trail, which has a peaceful wild garden with a pop-up a pop-up cafe and an installation by Chris Gilvan Cartwright – with paintings covering the walls and ceiling of the room… and lampshades too!