Venue 44 – 99

99 has been taking part in Artists Open Houses for 11 years. Over the years they have built up a core of artists who get on with well and they also include new artists every time to keep things fresh. During the festival, they are looking forward to seeing lots of happy satisfied customers who have done their Christmas shopping in a relaxed, enjoyable way.2016-11-27-aoh_hkuisma_sml-30
Barbara Jones adds: “I always enjoy the Christmas open house as we have lots of fairy lights, ivy and religious icons to give a real Christmassy feel. I make dresses and cushions and we have hand spun and dyed scarves among lots of other work which gives the house a warm friendly feel.”
With its cozy, Christmas atmosphere, work from 19 different artists and makers, and not forgetting the mince pies and mulled wine, 99 is definitely worth visiting.