AOH talks to House of Qualia

The House of Qualia sounds intriguing – what are the aims of your Open House exhibition? Qualia (singular, quale) is a technical term used mostly in philosophy and neuroscience representing individual instances of subjective conscious experiences. These experiences, such as a smell of a rose, taste of wine, colour or pain, are understood to be […]

We talk to artist Sarah Watson – exhibiting at BMECP

Hi Sarah – we are really pleased to have you exhibiting in the Artists Open Houses festival this year! We love your exhibition of portraits of friends and famous people.Can you tell us a bit about how you chose the people you have pictures? Sometimes people make suggestions of famous people and I draw them.  […]

Janie Ranger at Number 10 talks to AOH

Welcome back to Artists Open Houses – how many years have you taken part in the AOH Festival? I’ve taken part in AOH for about five years now. I used to have a solo show in a tiny basement flat when we lived here part time, but since living in Brighton permanently for the last […]

The Chocolate House’s Ev Day talks to AOH

Hi Evelyn. Your venue is called The Chocolate House – that sounds intriguing! Can you tell us something about it? I love chocolate not just eating it but also working with it. Chocolate is a wonderful and very versatile medium. I created Chocadyllic six years ago after making a friend “a proper chocolate cake”. As […]

We talk to travel photographer Jo Hunt

Hi Jo – is this the first time you’ve taken part in Artists Open Houses? Yes this is my first time. I also have the space all to myself so that’s really exciting! I’ve been lucky to find Dan and Jin – the owners of the house – to exhibit my work. Can you tell […]

AOH talks to BouSham Open House

Hi Clair! Your Open House BouSham has an unusual name – where does it come from? The name BouSham is a combination of my name Clair Boubli (Bou) and Shyama Ruffell (Sham). It originally started as a joke, but we kind of liked it and it stuck. The BouSham collaboration, with my life-long childhood friend […]

New Open House ‘Birthing a Better Future’ talks to AOH

All Creation Groans by Amanda Greavette Your Open House exhibition is called Birthing a Better Future – can you tell us about the ideas behind this exhibition? The Birthing a Better Future exhibition was established to increase public awareness about the key issues and importance of the first 1001 days of life from conception to […]

Georgina Smith – Trail Contact for Hanover Trail

Does your trail have meetings to discuss Open House preparations with trail members ahead of the festival? As this is my first year acting as the coordinator for Hanover Trail, it was really important to have a meeting for all of the houses on the trail. It is a great opportunity to pass on details […]

Shyama Ruffell – Seven Dials Trail Contact

All AOH local trails have a ‘Trail Contact’ who is the first point of contact for Open Houses wanting to a join trail in their area. We asked Shyama Ruffell, one of a group of three Trail Contacts for the Seven Dials Trail, to tell us a bit about her trail and preparing for her […]

Being a first timer at Artists Open Houses – Blog by Sophie Wake

Red Brick House – Kemptown What could possibly possess anyone to consider opening their front door to the public for the month of May? Who would put themselves and their family through the upheaval of turning their home and lives upside-down in the name of art? I have to admit, until recently I would have thought […]

The AOH Christmas launch party – at My Brighton

The Christmas AOH festival got off to lively start at the launch party, generously hosted by My Brighton hotel. Along with great drinks and nibbles – My Brighton offered use of their photobooth to help us capture a really great evening!! Mother and daughter and newbie’s to Open Houses this year, the lovely ladies at […]

Last weekend of Christmas Artists Open Houses!

For the final festival weekend we visited some wonderful studios taking part in the Artists Open Houses. We’re sad its all over – but look forward to seeing you again in May for some more amazing art and crafts!   Copperdollar Studios   New England House Open Studios

Weekend 2 of Christmas Artists Open Houses!

Here is a round-up of another fabulous selection of art and Christmas gifts from Open Houses visited by the AOH team last weekend. It was great to meet and to talk to so many artists, who were all so welcoming and informative… and generous with their offers of mulled wine and mince pies! Don’t forget, […]

Phoenix Artists taking part in the Christmas Open Houses

How do you plan your Artists Open Houses visits? Flicking through the brochure, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of artists and houses on offer. Some people like to organise geographically – visiting all the Houses in Hove, for example. Some people seek out particular types of work, searching for ceramicists […]

New England House returns – with 38 artists!

Welcome back the Christmas Artists Open Houses! How many artists in how many studios will be taking part at New England House Open Studios Christmas? We have more than 38 artists exhibiting this year. Some stalls will be in the spaces around the lifts and wide corridors leading up to the open studios of the […]

Portraits, Puppets & Performance Open House

Amanda Rosenstein Davidson tells us about her extraordinary exhibition at The Regency Town House: Portraits, Puppets & Performance is a collaboration of makers and artists who bring their exhibitions to life with performance and demonstrations. After their successful 6 month show last year at Hove Art Gallery & Museum, I approached the organisers of The […]

Nick Carrick talks about his Open House ‘A Journey From Hove to Sagra’

Welcome to the Artists Open Houses – is this the first time you have taken part? I have exhibited in a couple of group shows that were curated by Perdita Sinclair and another with Colin Day Your Open House is called A Journey From Hove to Sagra. Can you tell us more about this journey […]

Week 1 of Christmas Artists Open Houses!

What a great first weekend of Artists Open Houses. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Even the rain didn’t stop visitors  – or the AOH team from – heading out and visiting you! There are some brilliant Open Houses and Artists and as ever we are blown away by the standard […]

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