Video Chats: Ep. 09 – with Amanda Rosenstein Davidson

Amanda Rosenstein Davidson tells us about the happiness and sadness of lockdown, reconnecting with nature and the loss of close friends. How the act of painting became a place of solace, stillness and quietness, of seeing and being – with time to explore the life of her father – a ship’s florist aboard a 1920’s luxury cruise liner – in a series of new paintings.

Video Chats: Ep. 08 – with Faye Bridgwater

AOH artist Faye Bridgwater tells us about the alternating creative crush and whoosh of lockdown, including winning two prestigious art prizes; the joys of escaping the daily news though painting and exploring the inspirational Sussex countryside around her home; making new movable ceramic landscapes for her AOH Autumn/Winter solo Open House show – and finally getting the kids back to school!

Video Chats: Ep. 07 – In conversation with Daniel Mackey

Daniel Mackey, AOH artist at 11 Rugby Road, tells us about their collaborative lockdown project with Superstar Arts, creating innovative opportunities for people with learning disabilities; how he and Adam are preparing for the Autumn/Winter Open House with one-way and booking systems, and how his mum is busy crocheting brussels sprouts for the show!

Video Chats: Ep. 05 – with Sarah Jones

AOH artist Sarah Jones talks to us about her lockdown experiences of working from home, cats and cakes, and her new illustration commissions for the National Trust and Radio Times

Video Chats: Ep. 04 – with Jon Mills

AOH metal artist and craftsmen Jon Mills talks about his lockdown projects, ranging from a children’s book, Lionel the Very Cross Dresser, to restoring and converting a 1937 vintage car chassis into an electric car.

Video Chats: Ep. 03 – with Abigail Bowen

AOH artist Abigail Bowen tells how her lockdown project Dark Days was inspired by and reflects the government’s daily briefings graphs. And how lockdown presented an opportunity to bring together her local 7 Dials artist community through her Instagram takeover project. See more at and

Video Chats: Ep. 02 – with Vitamin Sea

In the second of the series, AOH photographer, educator and creative Emily Paxton tells us about Vitamin Sea, a  miniature beach hut installation, co-curated with textile artist Pam Glew. Thirty five European artists have created and painted individual miniature beach huts, reinventing ideas of what a beach hut could be…

Video Chats: Ep. 01 – with Simon Fell

In the first of the series, AOH ceramic artist Simon Fell gives us an insight into how he became vlogger.
He explores the practical processes, structuring and ideas that go into making a good video blog – and how it is surprisingly easy (even for a self-described introvert, as he is!) to talk about the things that really interest you.

Sophie Wake tells us how lockdown has impacted on her creative life

Hi Sophie – We’ve been in lockdown for over two months now. How has the experience affected you and impacted on your creative life? Initially I found the silence of lockdown extremely moving and through the imposed stillness found myself going further into meditative practices. I’ve experienced what feels like a deeper grounding in my […]

Lucy Delano tells us about her lockdown lifeline:  ‘Art and Only Art’

  Hi Lucy  – We’ve been in lockdown for nearly nine weeks. Hopefully we’re slowly coming out of it now, but we’d love to hear about what you have been doing during this period. Can you tell us how your project Art and Only Art came about? My sister and five of her friends set […]

Jan Irvine tells us about her lockdown Portraits For NHS Heroes project

  Hi Jan – We’ve been in lockdown for eight weeks now, would you like to tell us about how your feelings and emotions have changed over this period? It feels like a very long time ago since the lockdown began, and life has taken on a distinctly surreal quality…waking each day to find that, […]

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