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1 26 Tudor Close

26 Tudor Close,Dean Court Rd,Rottingdean, BN2 7DF

‘Mystery at Tudor Close’

Once a hotel well known to the movie stars of the day, Tudor Close is one of Rottingdean’s most intriguing architectural treasures. Created from derelict farm buildings, embellished with old oak ship timbers, to replicate the Tudor style and complete with decorative carvings and fictitious dates, the popular hotel ran from 1929 to 1952.

Amanda pays homage to this Mock Tudor folly, purported to be where ‘Cluedo’ was played in it’s original parlour game format of ‘Murder at Tudor Close’. You are invited to discover Who Dunnit and who drew it!

Come see her latest art projects, based on this theme, in her home and studio which was once the butler’s quarters. With poster illustrations, theatrical paintings and a Cluedo style trail (just for fun). Including some puppets and theatres from her 2017 group exhibition at Hove Museum and Art Gallery, featuring her collaborative work with Philip Sugg.

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26 Tudor Close,Dean Court Rd,Rottingdean, BN2 7DF

Murder at the Tudor Close Hotel:
Amanda Rosenstein Davidson

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