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3 Archipelago studio

79 Beaconsfield Road,Brighton, BN1 4QJ
This is our fourth year opening the doors of our artists' and jewellers' studio. We will be showcasing beautiful jewellery, art, pottery and much more. Come along to see how and where things are made, and meet the talented array of artists who make them. Lucy Williams Woven objects Anette Gidlof Jewellery MayaH Jewellery Tanja Ufer Jewellery Kitty Griffiths Jewellery Rosie Clayden Jewellery Rachel Entwistle Pottery Chris Hawkins Paintings and jewellery Keziah Furini Digital illustration Jason Mosseri Handmade chairs Natalia Jaffe Jewellery David Stringer Jewellery
Archived open house


79 Beaconsfield Road,Brighton, BN1 4QJ


Charmed Bracelets - Silver & Monofilament
Anette Gidlof

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