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19 Jaxx in a Box

25 Reading Rd, Brighton, BN2 5NE

Sketchbooks open, paint on the floor. Excuse the mess she says, flinging open the door. British artist and designer Jacqueline Hammond, is welcoming visitors to a solo show in her family home this year. Expect a revealing insight into the artist at work, at home and at play. Situated near East Brighton Park, the shabby, suburban semi hosts a diverse and changing exhibition of work spanning a decade. Witness the creative process first hand, snap up originals fresh from the easel and join Jaxx in the studio as she builds a new body of work to let out the box.

Jacqueline Hammond Paintings
Smart Deco Deckchairs and Homeware Smarty Lamps
Smarty Lamps Geometry meets lighting


Archived open house


Ultraviolet Jellyfish
Smart Deco

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