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9 The Stanley Road Store

25 Stanley Road,Brighton, BN1 4NJ

’17 Shortlisted Best House. ’18 Even Better!

Tamsie Wiltshire
Lulu Allison
Lost & Foundry
Hal of Hove
Made by Swimmer
Tin City
Silver Spur
Marcelina Amelia
Bella Does Brighton
A Quiet Life
Drawer of Plush
Collage Queen
Seiko Kato
Nicky Bryant
Vivienne Ridley
Gem Lettuce
Hello Terry
Hyde Wares
Charlotte Farmer
Poor Cow
Laura Sequin
Tinka Inc
A Quiet Life

Print makers, perfume and beauty products, potters, clothing, recycled soft toys, jewellers, stained glass, illustrators, upholstery, leather,  collage, recycled metal dioramas, cake decor, found object lighting, bags and plants!

Archived open house


Lost and Foundry

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