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3 Milton House

72 Clyde Road, Brighton, BN1 4NP

Voted onto the best Open House top ten for the last 7 years. We have now moved from Dyke Road to Preston Circus…. a walled garden with fantastic tea and cake!

Sarah Jones Prints
Vanessa Pease Jewellery
Paula Kirkwood Leather bags
Jane Clucas Vintage textile creations
Sue Hurman Textile sculpture
Martha Mitchell Homewares gifts
Milton Prints
Louie Morris Coin jewellery
Marion Brandis Ceramics
Kate Kingham Knitted creations
Jean Tolkovsky Figurative ceramics
Madame Treacle Cards
Jenny Turtil Jewellery

Type of venue:



  • New open house
  • Refreshments
  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Card Payment Facility
  • Tap water refill available
Archived open house


72 Clyde Road, Brighton, BN1 4NP

Duke Of Yorks & Cats
Sarah Jones, Marion Brandis & Sue Hurman

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