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2 Sandy Infield & friends

55 Hanover Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9SN

The three artists exhibiting at 55 Hanover Terrace all use conventional images or forms, but with a twist. Sandy Infield takes landscape and adds coded polemic across a range of media, including batik and prints. Gill Harvey‘s ceramic vessels and jewellery conjure the essence of the South Downs. Sue Hurman‘s dolls are imbued with dark humour and offer careful comments on life.
Welcome to this our first open house!

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  • New open house
  • Card Payment Facility
  • Tap water refill available
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55 Hanover Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9SN


07594 920763
[email protected]
Landscape with pattern in red. The pattern is made up of the priority road sign, the landscapw is a view across the Seven Sisters. Sea, clifts and hill tops.

Priority Incoming
Sandy Infield

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